My Story

Our Scentsy story began in November of 2007. I was teaching 8th grade English at the time and desperately missing my 9 month old baby girl everyday. I wanted to stay home with her.


One afternoon, another teacher on my team brought in a set of Scentsy basket testers. I was immediately in love. I went home and researched the company and decided that Scentsy could be the way that I could stay home with my little girl. My friends and family were supportive and helpful the whole way through.


I resigned from my teaching position in the spring of 2007 to focus on my Scentsy business full-time. Since then, I have watched my team flourish. I have personally sponsored over 100 consultants and have a group of over 8,000 people. All of our family and friends now are a part of the Scentsy family as well. (We actully have a really hard time finding baby-sitters for Scentsy functions because everyone we know and love sells Scentsy!) 


Brian recently quit his job to help me full-time with our Scentsy business. Our focus is on training and building leaders. We host monthly team meetings in our home, monthly director get-togethers, and quarterly group trainings. 


We have been blessed by Scentsy and would love to tell you about how it can bless your life too.

When will your Scentsy Family story begin?

You can hear me tell my Scentsy story at

Warm wishes,

Allison and Brian Dalke

SuperStar Directors